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Ontology Wellness



Creator of the Quantum Energy Clearing and Therapy System (QECTS)
Writer, Teacher, Speaker, Herbal specialist and Vegetalista
Master hypnotherapist Level 4 (Wellpoint Hypnosis Method™)



"I had a great experience with Roger in my hypnosis session. He exemplified knowledge, ease and trustworthiness throughout my experience.  He answered all of my questions before and after the session so it was easy to understand what happened. Throughout the process, Roger gave great guidance on what to expect, as well as dispelled any concerns I had. During the session, he made sure all of my questions for the higher self were answered in a way that flowed easily. I was relaxed, calm and felt good about the information I received. May anyone who works with Roger have as wonderful of an experience as I had."

- Micah S.

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