Quantum Clearing and Energy HealingTherapy - 40min Session

Quantum Clearing and Energy HealingTherapy - 40min Session


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  • The most important keys to health reside in the Bio-field. The Bio-energetic field is often referred to as life force, Chi, or Prana and can be observed through the Auric Field – a very subtle energy that is given off by every living thing.


    Ancient cultures were very familiar with this life force and worked with it as an integral part of daily life. Just as we have a physical anatomy, we have also, an "energy anatomy". 


    In the 1980s Russian physicists made a startling new discovery that became the bridge between this ancient wisdom and “new” science. They found a field of energy and information that surrounds every living thing it became classified as an “information field”.   The field is informing the body and is the key to all health and/or sickness.